Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Re: recipes from other blogs mushroom chettinad and Pavakka curry and a big thanks to Indira and Mathy

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I made Mushroom Chettinad from Nupur's blog One Hot stove and Pavakka curry (karela in yogurt ) from Shaheen's blog malluspice and it turned out wonderful. The curry with rice tasted lip smacking good. I don't have my home computer installed till now, so could not take and post photos. But do try these.

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank Indira for her search engine and Indira and Mathy for Foodblogdesam. These have provided us with ready tools to search and blog recipes. You have made it really easy.

Thanks a ton.


bindiya said...

Yes Vimmi u are absolutely right, they have made stuff really easy for us.

Asha said...

Thanks for visiting me Vimmi. Glad you tried some recipes, we do have a wonderful blog world to help us!:))
Enjoy your weekend.

Indira said...

Thank you for your appreciative words Vimmi.
Happy food blogging!

Seena said...

I have edited my recipe of fish curry, pls check it.
thanks dear,

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