Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update: Curry leaves and some fresh vegs have been banned by Indian Exporters.

Hi Everyone,

Searched on the net yesterday and found that the curry leaves and some vegetables, especially those which come from Kerela have been banned by Indian Exporters, and not the USA.

Because of the exchange rate being the way it is, they are not making any profits and want the importers to increase prices. Lets see what happens. At least USA has not banned it, that means we can get it after this problem is solved, even though it may become a bit more expensive. But who cares, so long as we get them


  1. It's not a good news. I can't imagine cooking without curry leaves! Yes, let's see what happens. Thanks for the update.

  2. Well atleast you will get them. Hope the prices go down soon.
    Here i don't get at all them, so when ever my hubby goes to london he brings loads and loads of them and i freeze them in bags.
    Not same as fresh but still really good

  3. Hi Happy cook,

    We take things for granted don't we. You don't get fresh ones and you are happy with the frozen. We get fresh so never thought of freezing them, or it could have been helpful now.

  4. Good news atleast! I read that Basmati rice is in short supply too from few UK blogs. I bought a huge bag from Gandhi store next to Udupi restaurant in Charlotte few week's ago. All the dals cost much more now too, have you noticed? Life gets harder and harder!!

  5. Yes Ashaji, but thankfully we still get them. Can you email me next time you plan to come to Charlotte. You can come to our place for a weekend. Would love to meet you. I will return from India on 5th May. My email ID is vimmisamir@gmail.com.

  6. OMG, These days Atta prices are sky rocketing. I Had bought 2 big bags a few months bk for 22 in total & now They are sold for 16 each.