Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank you Ashaji

Ashaji has been an inspiration not only to me, but many new bloggers. When we enter the world of blogging, we do not know the rules. No one out there know us. At a time like this, any one who welcomes the new blogger with his/her sweet comments, brings great joy and a sense of satisfaction. Ashaji does this admirably.

She has such a wonderful blog with excellent recipes. I always wondered how she got the time to visit all blogs and leave her comments. I have a toddler and am a stay at home mom and sometimes do not get too much time to blog. She utilized her valuable time to encourage new members and connect with the old.

Thank you Ashaji. Hope you will still get some time to visit us.


Asha said...

Hi Vimmi, thanks so much sweetie.
I am finding it difficult to cope with all the things at the same time these days too.
I will visit you whenever I can I promise. Thanks for your support though, hugs to you. Enjoy!:))

Mansi Desai said...

I'm almost in tears as my poss would no longer receive Asha's comments! she used to be the first commentor and it was like a good-luck charm!!:)

but she's definitely been an inspiration, and I wish her well so she gets time to do the things she loves to!!

Pragyan said...

Hi Vimmi, That was a sweet post for a very sweet person. I am totally with you since I have been bestowed with Asha's encouraging and kind-hearted comments in the past. Using your post as an opportunity (I sincerely hope you don't mind this), I would like to wish Asha all the very best for everything that lies ahead and to have fun and spread the joy as she has done with all of us. Have a great day, Vimmi!

Taste of Mysore said...

:( same here..I will miss ashakka on my blog too...:( :(

Happy cook said...

Yeah i was also thinking the same when Asha wrote about taking a big break frm blogging.
When i started she used to comment always and as a new blogger i was always so pleased to hear from her.

Pooja said...
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Pooja said...

Hi Vimmi,
this is my first time visit to your blog, and I agree with you .
For Asha, for me words feels smaller when I think to write something about her, she is such a nice lady. I am glad that blogger has gifted me many good friends.
Well, don't get depressed, we will be around you .True that nobody can replace her place, but I cansay that i wil lno tlet you feel alone in this blog world .

Asha deserves a good break, and see you have still her comments on your blog, isn't it great ?

vimmi said...

There are so many people who admire this inspiring person.

I dont mind it a bit.
Mansi, happy cook, mysor,
I know how u feel.

Thanks a lot for ur support

Maya said...

Hi Vimmi, first time at ur blog I think..Nice blog you have here. Couldn't stop but comment here on the post you wrote for Asha. I am also one of those bloggers who got a first ever comment from Asha, and I was ever so delighted. But yes, now I truly miss her.